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If you want to sell books published before 1917, use our site. We will do our best to help you!
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To sell your book, please CLICK HERE or send us a list of the books you want to sell to the e-mail address with the following information for each book:
    The Author of the book, the name of the book, the Year and Place of publishing, number of pages and illustrations (optional), Brief Synopsis/Contents Desription/full synopsis (optional), Price!. It is very important that you describe to us the condition of the spine, binding and pages mentioning all damage, markings, prints, seals, etc. Finally, do not forget to leave your contacts (your telephone number with the city/country code or your e-mail adress)!
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How to buy a book?

After a list of books, there is the email adress or the telephone of the seller of the book you are interested in. If you cannot contact the seller for some reasons, please write about it
to the administrator.

The administration of the site "Russian Antiquarian books" has a special offer for sellers and buyers of rare and antiquarian books.

The website "Antiquarian books" is cooperating with renowned antiquarian experts who deal with the creation of private and corporate antiquarian collections as well as buying, evaluating and selling antique books, antique lithographs, foreign publications before 1917, Russian books of the beginning of the XX century, books of XVIII-first half of XIX century, antique manuscripts, lifetime editions, antique printing production, antique magazines, archive documents, antique geography maps, bound books, books of the XVIII and XIX century, ancient Russian books, handwritten books, foreign antique books, old books of Tsarist Russia, out-of-print books of Russia and foreign countries, rare books, collected works, antique engravings, autographs, antique almanacs, handwritten documents and antique printed documents and rare editions.

For book collectors and antiquaries: Our experts will consult you on issues of forming a book collection, will help you to gather interesting antique books and rare out-of-print editions on the theme you are interested in.

Authentication and antique book expertise: You can always check up on value of antique books by getting in touch with our experts-antiquaries, who can assist you in evaluating your book collection. Antique books" e-store is rendering services of expertise and evaluation of antique books and other antique items via Internet, gives consultations and accepts orders on forming of collection.

If you have any questions about cooperating in the sphere of antique books, please write to the email

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